We are courage, independence and good fortune.

We have the ability to leap ridiculously far. (As in, 20 times our anatomical length, far.)

We are GrasshoppHers.

Mentorship, redefined.

GrasshoppHer brings forward-thinking women together to inspire, coach and give each other a leg up. By challenging the antiquated silos of mentorship programs, and providing better access to a community of mentors, GrasshoppHer is disrupting the status quo and enabling girls and women alike to achieve more. Together.

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What limits?

With ambitions that we’re not afraid to achieve, and questions we’re not afraid to ask, we’re paving our own path and acing it. With GrasshoppHer.


GrasshoppHer is a mobile app for both corporations and individuals that connects women mentees and mentors. Our unique matching system provides:

  • A network of mentors and sponsors
  • Better access to role models
  • Opportunities to get your foot in the door.

Through developing our mentor network within organizations that use the GrasshoppHer platform, we’re allowing mentors and mentees to connect beyond their established communities, networks, and places of work.

Ask questions.

Like a giant game of never have I ever. Talk to others, just like you, who have questions, just like yours.

What do you look for in a mentor?

Some of our favorite responses
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Get answers.

We totally get it. And we want to share our stories with you.

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