Mar 29, 2021
Intrapreneurship: Innovation Within Companies
In previous blog posts, we have discussed how you do not have to start your own company to be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur simply means that you are able to see a need and you do something to fulfill it. When you do this within a company, you are called an intrapreneur.
Sheryl Lawrence
1 min. read

As technology changes and organizations adapt, companies are asking employees to innovate within their roles more and more. We want to provide you with some tips on how to initiate change and innovation within your organization, even in an entry-level position.

Step 1: Start suggesting small changes and ideas in meeting

To show that you have ideas and are open to discussion about these ideas, bring them up in meetings with those around you. When you want to suggest something bigger and impactful, your colleagues will be more receptive because of the incremental moves you’ve made along the way. 

Step 2: See who is receptive to change

There are always people who are not going to be open to change, so it is important to find those who are receptive. Build a team of advocates who can help you make the changes and implement the innovations you want to make within the company. 

Step 3: Act

After you figure out what innovations you want to implement and who can help you, go get it done! If you constantly make suggestions with no action, management will stop taking your suggestions seriously. Make those changes and show them off!

All in all, if you want to implement change in your organization, your management needs to be onboard. Try to find a company culture that, like you, wants to move the needle.