May 26, 2021
Stress Relief Techniques For The Modern Age
In today's blog post, GrasshoppHer brings you simple and effective ways to relieve stress during chaotic workdays.
Julia Tolda
2 min. read

Feeling overwhelmed? Tired of Zoom calls, emails, meetings? Need a break? In today's blog post, GrasshoppHer brings you simple and effective ways to relieve stress during chaotic workdays. 

Move around

While working from home, you might find yourself confined to one corner of the room all day, staring at your laptop screen for hours. Taking a break to move helps you feel more attuned to your body, as well as preventing soreness. As summer approaches, take advantage of the weather and go for a short walk. Put on music and dance around, or follow a short video on stretching exercises! If you do not have as much time, try out another space in your home to work. The novelty might inspire you! 

Hydrate and snack

Simply put: your body and brain need fuel to work. Fill up a water bottle, keep snacks around your work area, set up alarms reminding you to eat. Do not forget to prioritize your wellbeing and health: keeping yourself hydrated and well-fed is key to balancing all other aspects of life.

Call a friend

If you are an extrovert, you might find that friends are an essential part of stress management. Feeling supported and heard helps in times of stress, especially when you trust and love the person on the other side of the line. Vent! Reminisce on the pleasant moments you have shared! Make plans for a later day that you can look forward to!

Take a nap

Who does not like sleep? By taking a short 10 to 20-minute nap, you will find yourself refreshed and ready to continue your day. Allowing yourself to rest, your body to restart is crucial to managing stress. You will always have a moment of peace to look forward to! 

Turn off your phone

It is hard to disconnect from the internet, especially since it is how we interact with friends and family, receive news and information. Try turning off your phone for a couple of hours a day, or leaving it in another room. Be in the moment, away from distractions and bright lights, from stressful news and constant interruptions. You deserve some peace and quiet, even if just for a moment. 

Distract yourself

Mindless entertainment is fun, but nothing beats reading an interesting book or magazine, listening to a powerful podcast. Make a playlist of songs that bring you joy or research something that interests you: fulfilling distractions feel productive yet fun!