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Houston, we have a problem.

Get this. While women make up 47% of the workforce, they only account for 21.2% of leadership roles. (We know.) Worse, statistics show that there is a disproportionately low number of women mentors and role models in the workforce.

Not that we’re mad about it, but we’re kind of mad about it.

So we’re doing something about it

GrasshoppHer is a mobile app for both corporations and individuals that connects women mentees and mentors. Our unique matching system provides:

  • A network of mentors and sponsors
  • Better access to role models
  • Opportunities to get your foot in the door.


Through developing our mentor network within organizations that use the GrasshoppHer platform, we’re allowing mentors and mentees to connect beyond their established communities, networks, and places of work.

How it works

Grasshopper is shattering the traditional silos of mentorship.  Rather than businesses looking to develop their own costly internal programs, we provide a platform where companies can implement a mentorship program that is specifically for women and built by women at a significantly lower cost than “home-brew” programs.  Let’s think of it as more of a “craft cocktail” program. (Better, right?) As mentors are trained, they are offered to the individual users who become part of the network, ultimately leading to enhanced recruitment processes for the businesses.

Key Features

  • Robust onboarding and coaching experience – designed to promote fulfilling relationships and build leadership toolkits
  • Matching and connecting at scale – unique algorithm built to power your mentorship program and promote connectivity amongst your women
  • Learning and role modeling – content-rich curriculum that optimizes learning through actionable tips, tricks, and role modeling
  • Real-time metrics/analytics – data on employee usership and progress

GrasshoppHer will help you:

  • Achieve your CSR efforts to increase women’s numbers and diversity in the workplace, as well as promote women within your ranks
  • Promote a culture of mentorship and sponsorship, as well as knowledge sharing
  • Improve company culture, cross-functional relationships, and internal mobility
  • Increase employee engagement, performance and satisfaction
  • Provide your women with a leadership toolkit to help them sharpen their skills and grow
  • Attract your next generation of women talent and retain them