The Story
The Story
A note from the founder
Once upon time, there was a little girl who wanted to be a ballerina.
(I know what you’re thinking. Is this a bed time story? Should I go get my pjs on?)
The answer is no. This is not a bed time story. (But feel free to get your pjs on. We don’t judge.)
This is an inception story. An “aha moment” story. A story about how one girl decided “good” wasn’t good enough.
So grab your popcorn.
Back to ballet.
The little girl (who, spoiler alert, happens to be me) practiced around the clock, mastered her craft, and with the relentless support of her teachers, coaches, and family, pliéd herself all the way to The National Ballet School of Canada. Dreams do come true. Right?
This is where the fairytale takes a turn.
Heather Miller
While she was one of the lucky ones, living out all of her tutu-filled fantasies, and being supported and nurtured along the way, she watched her peers struggle. Loneliness, isolation, eating disorders, bullying – you name it. She saw first hand what happened when girls lacked leadership and guidance. So she made a vow. Someday she would put herself in a position (ballet pun intended) to make a difference.
That position turned out to be law. With much less tutu-wearing opportunity, but all the potential to create real, positive change, she committed herself to fighting for people in need. She helped low-income individuals and those in the mental health system find necessary support and resources, where the state, government, and their networks were failing them.
Yet, still, she saw gaps that needed to be filled, and problems that needed to be solved. So she started her next mission: Gender equality in the workplace. As in, just as many women as men, please. You better believe she accomplished that one. To the tune of 50%.
And enter, the “aha moment.” Through the filter of these very different, but essentially all the same, life experiences, she realized the problem was clear. And the answer was right in front of her: Support. Guidance. Mentorship. Why isn’t there more of that? How do you even find that? What would happen if every girl, lady, or woman, had better access to that?
She decided it was time to find out.
World, meet GrasshoppHer.
A community where forward-thinking women come together to inspire, coach, and empower each other. Because whether you’re starting your career as a dancer, fighting for your rights, or just trying to find your way, we all need a leg up at some point.
Together, let’s leap,
Heather Miller